VA Smalltalk 8.0.2 Dev Build B136 available

John O’Keefe just announced on the VA Smalltalk Support Forum the availability of the latest development build of VA Smalltalk Version 8.0.2:

Please pay particular attention to the Programmer’s Reference and the Migration Guide since several changes have been made to better integrate Seaside into the product.

It’s packed with bugfixes within and for Seaside (i.e. changes to Grease) and is intended to give users the chance to see how Seaside in VA Smalltalk is evolving. I havent’t played with it yet, but in another post on the Forum John said the Seaside port includes all bugfixes of Seaside Alpha 5 as of Wednesday last week (March 10th, 2010). This would mean that quite a few problems I’ve run into should be gone. There are some other fixes as well, but Seaside seems to be the current main focus at Instantiations.

Hope it’s not too long before we can welcome Beta 1 and soon afterwards also a VAST port of it. This will be a great day since we’ll be part of the Seaside family and can hopefully welcome lots of new users to VA Smalltalk 😉


One thought on “VA Smalltalk 8.0.2 Dev Build B136 available

  1. Another significant change in there is the addition of Method Pragmas. VA was the last major platform missing support for Method Pragmas, which are a generalization of the primitive syntax and serve as a way to add metadata to methods.

    John put a lot of work into integrating the hacked-in implementation I did for Nationaal Spaarfonds when getting Pier running.

    This (plus Squeak/Pharo’s support for #[] ByteArray syntax) is great news for code portability between Smalltalks – you can work around library differences, but it’s pretty hard to work around incompatible syntax.

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