New iPad, old iBugs

Everybody’s talking about iPads, iPhones and why Steve’s company will soon own all content on earth. It’s good to be innovating, and it’s great that Apple offers great new devices.

But it would also be good if they could simply fix some of their long-standing bugs in snow leopard. One that’s annoying me daily is the folder saving problem on Samba-Shares. Somehow there are problems copying folders to an external USB disk or smb-shares. This bug is now several months old and also hits every Mac user who uses Keynote or other programs that save their documents as bundles. Saving a Keynote presentation on a Samba share takes several minutes while saving it locally is done within 2 seconds. And this has nothing to do with network speed here at my end.

Even worse is that you cannot copy folders with subfolders onto a Samba server without getting stupid errors stating the topmost folder is already there.

So, please, Apple, don’t forget to do your boring homework in the shadow of a bright new future in controlling news, movies, books and music!

Your long-term users might walk away and look for better options…