Seaside Book in PDF form

There has been a Seaside online book for quite a while now, and it has gone through a lot of improvement over time, including updates to Seaside 3.0. They authors had announced they will make a PDF version available as soon as the book stabilizes.

This moment seems to have come: The PDF Version is now available for purchase:

By buying the PDF version you support our hard work on the book.

The page doesn’t mention the price, you will only see it when you click on the Paypal Button, but I guess they’ll fix this pretty soon. Teh price is 14 Euros, which is quite reasonable given the amount of information in it. And it seems all future updates to the book are included in the price:

Don’t forget to bookmark the download page, if you want to download the latest builds of the PDF book in the future.

So all you Seasiders: you know what to do now 😉


2 thoughts on “Seaside Book in PDF form

    1. Mark,

      I don’t know. I am not one of the Authors and cannot say anything about it.
      I personally am an old-fashioned reader of paper-based books, since I can take them anywhere and put them next to my keyboard, stick notes into them, use them to put my coffe mug on, etc. I know you can do most of these things virtually with an eBook-reader, but since I have none, I’d rather have it printed.
      … and: No, I’m not an email-printout-maniac sort of guy 😉

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