Try Smalltalk and Seaside for free! You have many options

James Robertson just announced the availability of the non-commercial downloads of VisualWorks 7.7 and ObjectStudio 8.2. Here is my understanding of the term non-commercial: You can use the software for free as long as you do not (try to) make money with them. Seaside included!

That’s pretty much the same as Instantiations‘ evaluation licence of VA Smalltalk.  Apart from a nag screen on startup there is no restriction in usage, no time-bombing or feature-blocking. If they say “free 30 day trial” they mean they’ll only give you limited installation support and allow for new downloads within 30 days from registration, but you can use the eval software forever. Seaside 3.0 Alpha 5 (the current official release) is included.

If you also look at Gemstone‘s GLASS offering, you’ll realize that all major commercial Smalltalk vendors give you a chance to take a look at their full products for un unlimited time and some even allow you to use the tools for development of commercial apps or even for smaller deployments in the commercial field. Seaside is part of GLASS.

So there’s no excuse for not taking a look at commercial Smalltalks any more!
The days of unaffordable Smalltalk IDEs are over. All vendors offer interesting pricing schemes for small companies as well as large enterprises. (**)

If you prefer to use open source smalltalk environments, you should check out one of these

All of these support Seaside, and lots more.

** In case of Instantiations’ VA Smalltalk, we at objektfabrik are happy to discuss details with you if you’re interested and located in Europe.