Real-World projects with Seaside

Stephane Ducasse, one of the leading persons of the Pharo Smalltalk project asked for case studies of Seaside usage on top of Pharo on the seaside mailing list and got some interesting responses:

  • going to develop a proxy to SAP’s new Business By Design software
  • a Pharo/Seaside based WebUI for a network security appliance. We plan to ship beginning of February
  • planning application for Flanders largest cultural centre ‘Vooruit’
  • using Paro and Seaside 3.0 to develop a site within a startup. The site is a market place/brokerage.

I’ve seen a very brief (and vague, since this was a secret back then) Demo of the last mentioned appliance at the last Smalltalk meeting in Munich. Cool stuff!

There also is a list of already running applications on the Seaside web site on the success stories page.

So what does this tell us?

  • There’s quite some development work going on in Smalltalk and Seaside, especially in smaller companies or startups.
  • Seaside is being used much more often than it seems, since many applications are still on their way into production
  • Pharo gets a lot of attention in the Smalltalk community and proves to be stable for people to build real-world applications

I hope more examples are added to the thread over the next few days…

Stay tuned for more Seaside applications seeing the light of day and more Smalltalk in the wild!