The “feels like dynamic” trend

I found an interesting tweet by Gilad Bracha through pharoproject:

Mainstream programming language syntax is like human sacrifice: evil, yet once entrenched, difficult to get rid of.

But one answer to it is even nicer:

Every new typed programming language says it “feels like a dynamic language”. What does this tell us about how typed languages feel?

Indeed there is so much going on in order to make Java or C# more and more “like” dynamically typed languages by introducing more and more complex language features and disabling type checking (by using Reflection for example). More and more languages try to achieve the flexibiliy and effectivity of dynamically typed languages (most of the times only getting close with some tricky side effects). Now that even Objective-C gets Blocks for Grand Central Dispatch, shouldn’t people just try and see if the real thing is even better? Why not try Ruby or  – even better – Smalltalk?