Seems I am a Y2K10 victim

This week I am in Zurich and it seems I got caught by the Y2K10 bug. I cannot get cash at the ATMs here because “Transaction cancelled” without any additional error message. I travelled here with just 15 Swiss Francs in my pocket and my eurocheque card. In the EU, we are not used to think of getting foreign currencies any more since most countries around Germany share the Euro currency…
Fortunately, most credit card terminals either ignore the chip or my credit card is not affected. I could pay my Dinner yesterday. But it’s somewhat weird to not be able to simply step into a shop and buy yourself a bottle of water, because you never know if you urgently need those last 15 Francs for something more important like aspirin or a tram tickt back to the train station 😉
Hat Tip to James Robertson for the link above. This way I now know that it’s some colleagues of mine to say “Thank You” to.

Going through te bugs listed in the linked article, it seems like Programmer’s abaility to learn from former errors is an illusion. So many Y2K10 problems, just a decade after the fear of the millenium harmageddon, just amazing.


2 thoughts on “Seems I am a Y2K10 victim

  1. felix,

    thanks a lot for this link. So I am not alone. I must admit to even have heard about problems with the “latest chip generation”, but my ec card is not really new, so I didn’t spend much thought on this. I am getting along quite nicely with a credit card and I’m going home tomorrow, so it’s only a funny story that could have been much worse… 😉

    I like the TESA trick very much, it’s so eighties 😉

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