Smalltalk Vendors Ask for Feedback

Maybe it’s just a coincidence of a certain kind, but all major Smalltalk Vendors are currently encouraging their customers and users to give feedback.

This is what James Robertson from Cincom  just posted on his blog:

Now that OS 8.2 and VW 7.7 have gone gold (the products are starting to wend their way through our internal distribution process now), it’s time for some help from our customers and community: what would you like to see in the next cycle?

There’s a mail address top send ideas and wishes to in his blog post.

Instantiations’s Mike Taylor writes:

I’d be happy to hear your comments, suggestons or concerns about VAST. Many of you have taken the opportunity to tell us where you’d like to see us take VAST technically, and we highly value your guidance. Frankly, your comments are one of the most important sources of input that we use to make development plans for next year.

While Gemstone is out for some very detailed feedback on potential changes they’d like to incorporate into their ScaledDecimal base class:

…Comments may be added here or sent to the GemStone user’s mailing list.

There are several channels to talk back to the Smalltalk vendors:

If you take a look at these forums, you’ll see that they are all open to suggestions and are willing to discuss your needs – even if you are not (yet) a apaying customer.

So if you need a feature or would like to see a new platform/technology supported, talk back to them. It’s much better than just complaining about a missing feature