VAST 8.0.1 / Seaside: How to enable Halos

Halos in Seaside can be extremely helpful when you need to inspect your components in the web browser or understand what your code rendered and sent out to the browser.

In many Seaside tutorials and books you’ll find mention of Halos.

In Seaside 3.0, these are not enabled by default.Which is no big deal since you always have the configuration app in which you can change the configuration of your application.

Due to some error that crept into alpha 5 of seaside (see my previous post), this configuratiopn app is not usable in VAST 8.0.1, since it relies on the Flow package.

To anble Halos, simply execute the following snippet:

WAAdmin applicationDefaults
addParent: WADevelopmentConfiguration instance

You can put it in your Application registration method or execute it in the Transcript. It simply adds Development configuration to the application defaults.

Again, keep in mind that this is a temporary thing to do. When Seaside 3.0 is finished and Instantiations ships it with a new version of VAST (or if Instantiations ships some intermediate Seaside update for VAST 8.0.1), most of the little things I write about here are hopefully obsolete.

[Update]: Once you’ve enabled the “Development mode”, you can use the “configure” link at the bottom of your pages to configure the application just as if you started the configuration from the seaside dispatcher (http://localhost:8080/seaside/). I’ve seen no problems in changing the configuration of my app so far. So it seems the problem Julian was commenting on is not related to the configuration application as a whole, but to the way the dispatcher calls it…