On VAST 8.0.1 and Seaside

Reading some of my Blog posts about VAST 8.0.1 and Seaside, you might get the impression that there’s a lot wrong with Seaside in VA Smalltalk.

That’s not true. The only shortcoming of VA Smalltalk is that it currently doesn’t support Continuations, because the needed VM changes aren’t in place yet.

Most of the other things come from the fact that VA Smalltalk is an early adopter of Seaside 3.0 which has been changing a lot over the last few alpha versions.

So Seaside has changed a lot from VAST 8.0 (Seaside 3.0 alpha 3) beta 1 to VAST 8.0 and even further until VAST 8.0.1 (alpha 5 of Seaside 3.0)

Since people were eager to play with Seaside in VA Smalltalk, and some even use Seaside in production already, they ported tools from Squeak over to VAST, sometimes from a later version of Seaside than was available in VAST.

So if some code from VASTGoodies doesn’t run on VAST 8.0.1, its not Instantiations’ fault or the failt of the author of the tool. It’s simply due to the fact that the fremwork has evolved.

And, there are things that happen, even though they shouldn’t: Julian just commentd on one of my postings on confiuration problems:

You are right… none of the included tools are supposed to be relying on continuations any more. Those usages in the configuration app crept back in, but I think they’ve been fixed in the Seaside repository.

So it’s just a question of time until many of these current hurdles go away…


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  1. And if you fix something, make sure to upload it to vastgoodies.com. It’s the best way to say ‘thank you’ to the original author!

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