Things I always load into a VAST image

I didn’t really have the time to look at VA ST 8.0.1 yet, but since I just installed it and fired up a virgin image, I decided to write a blog post I wanted to write for a long time already: what are the things I always load into a new Image.

I find lists like this quite interesting in order to find out what other developers find useful and what they use as their favorite environment.

So, some of the things I usually do are somewhat in the muscular memory rather than things I think about, like

  • Shouting at the stupid welcome window and tell it to go away and not come back (I mean click on Do not show this window at startup)
  • Activate full menus in the VisualAge Organizer (shouldn’t it be renamed?)
  • Close the VisualAge Organizer
  • Open The Preferences Window and activate the StsDebugger. In VAST 8.0.1 this is the dafult in a vanilla image, but when you lode some of the stuff I always load, it gets reverted to the old debugger
  • Open the Configuration Maps Browser and load at least the following Maps (with Required Maps)
    • Mastering ENVY/Developer Refactoring Browser Extensions
    • QA Code Formatter
    • SUnit Browser

Save the image.

This is my very basic minimal image I normally start from to load project specific code and frameworks.

I guess “z.VA: Tools” will be part of most my images quite soon, but for now I wouldn’t consider it part of a minimal image.

So what are you always using in your VAST images?

[Update] I forgot to mention switching on “Use Emulated Toolbars” on Windows XP machines, since the default toolbars have an annoying bug on XP (But not on Vista). They are somewhat unresponsive. This is gone when the emulated toolbars are used. They not only work, but look better.


3 thoughts on “Things I always load into a VAST image

  1. Can’t live without my PhilemonTools. This includes an interactive compiler error handler that really helps you fix syntax errors or missing temps in your method. And there is more….

    1. Ernest,

      in fact the possibility to have the IDE add a temporary when it’s missing by the time I want to save a method is really something I miss from VisualWorks. Maybe I need to take the time to download your tools from VASTGoodies sooner than later…

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