IBM is closing down VisualAge Smalltalk newsgroup

IBM is not the vendor of VisualAge Smalltalk any more since they handed the product over to Instantiations in 2006, so it’s not really a surprise that they have no big interest any more in hosting the related usenet newsgroup

This Newsgroup will no longer accept new postings and will remain available as “Read Only” through by 12/31/2009.

It’s not the only group that gets shut down, there are quite a few that were related to products that IBM has discontinued in the past. Some of them didn’t have the luck of finding a new home…

If you look at the group today, it is not really a very active group any more. Over the last two years or so it mostly received more or less interesting investment, pharmacy or romantic tipps.

But it has been a very helpful ressource for many years and I still search the group for tipps and tricks if I need help. And I must say I found a lot of helpful stuff on this group, even if some of the articles date back to 1996 or even further back in time.

So it’s ime to say goodbye to this resource. It has been a valuable source of information and I hope somewhere on the net there will be a place where the postings will be kept in a searchable form. Maybe Instantiations could archive the group and make the postings available…

There are, however, much better places to look for information and get advice and help today:

And, of course, yours truly would love to welcome you here from time to time 😉


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