VA ST V8.0.1 Development Build B128 is available

John O’Keefe just announced the availability of a first public development build of the upcoming version 8.0.1 of VA Smalltalk on the VAST support forum:

As announced at the European Smalltalk Users Group (ESUG) meeting earlier this month, we will be making some of the VA Smalltalk development builds available to the community as a way for you to get an early look at what is coming in the next release. As a development build, this code has not undergone the same level of testing that a beta or production release would undergo.

Looking through the list of fixed issues it seems the development team didn’t have much time to enjoy last summer. There are some interesting new features and some long standing bugs have been removed (like the info line in the composition editor).

I look forward to seeing the final release of 8.0.1. Unfortunately, there is no mention of Seaside 3.0 in the list, but that’s probably a wise thing since there is no beta1 of Seaside 3.0 yet.

This is Instantiations’ very first attempt to providing development builds to the Smalltalk community and I think this is good news. There will hopefully be a lot more testing and stabilizing going on on VAST. Not that VAST has been an instable product in the past, but now we have the chance to see what’s coming and also help in the process of finishing the next release.

You’ll also find the download link in the article above.


One thought on “VA ST V8.0.1 Development Build B128 is available

  1. We were hoping to have a 3.0 beta of Seaside available in time for Instantiations, Cincom, and GemStone to include in their next releases. At the moment it looks like we won’t quite be there and we don’t want to rush things too much; we’re still pressing to get a 3.0a5 out in time, instead.

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