Avi Bryant about the state of Smalltalk today

It’s been available online for a while now, but I just now found the time to watch InfoQ’s interview with Avi Bryant (of Seaside and DabbleDB fame) about
Trendly, Ruby, Smalltalk and Javascript. He covers a lot of stuff, including his latest pet project Clamato which is aimed to bring Smalltalk to the Web Browser. The whole interview is interesting and worth your time.

In one section he speaks about his views on the Smalltalk world as it stands today, and I found some of his views worth thinking about:

You have to imagine that if there are all these different both commercial vendors and open source projects that are continuing and seem to be continuing quite healthily, that it is still being used a lot.


Alan Kay, who invented Smalltalk, they never expected Smalltalk-80 to last this long. They produced Smalltalk-72, Smalltalk-76, every 4 years they expected to totally reinvent the language and here we are, nearly 30 years later and we are still using Smalltalk-80.

I really recommend heading over to infoQ and watch or read the whole thing.