The App I was waiting for…

Since I’ve bought a MacHeist Bundle a few moons ago, I receive ad mails from time to time. Not that it’s often, to be honest I am not even sure if this was the first one. But that’s not what I wanted to talk about.

The mail wants to make me buy an iPhone App called Barbecue. Here’s what great news they have about it for me:

Hot news for MacHeist users: Starting today the hottest App ever created – Barbecue on the iPhone. Serve steaks to your friends on Facebook, share kebabs and ribs on Twitter or via Mail. Barbecue on the iPhone:

  • Photo realistic images that make your mouth water
  • Top notch graphics to get a real bbq experience
  • Real sound effects to bring the thrill to the grill

Available now on the iTunes App Store for only
99 cents – for a limited time only!

I am sure I will find better ways to spend my money, put aside the fact that I don’t own a device to run it on.
Thanks for this commercial break, but no thanks 😉