ESUG09: The Innovation Awards

Many people have already written a lot about this year’s ESUG conference in Brest and the ESUG Innovation Technology Awards. You surely already know about the winners, saw the videos of their presentation and of ceremony on the boat.

What I want to add to the discussion is what I found to be a field of improvement for next year’s ESUG conference at Barcelona.

I found the room to be totally overcrowded and way too loud to understand anything from the presentations. If you weren’t sitting next to the presenter you didn’t understand anything. Being not the youngest Smalltalker on earth, I could hardly understand anything if I stood directly behind a presenter.

So if ever possible, try to find a setting in which a maximum of three applications are presented in one room. It’s good to have all presentations at the same time, but it’s not good having 150 People in one room trying to discuss 20 different applications all at the same time…


2 thoughts on “ESUG09: The Innovation Awards

  1. Julian,

    I am glad I am not alone with this impression. My first thought was that maybe trhe innovation award should be something like “Show us your projects”, but it would be hard to schedule 20 or more such sessions along with the normal list of talks.
    So, yes, the videos are probably a good idea, but they do not replace seeing the thing and discussing with its author. And I also fear I am part of a generation that doesn’t really enjoy watching 20 or more short videos about a piece of software. I would probably only watch two or three which sound interesting from the beginning.

    I would probably not have taken a look at Glamour if there hadn’t been some people standing around Tudor and discussing and being obviously quite pleased with what they see. Such an impression is not what you get from watching a video.

    So it seems I have no better idea than to try and find 3 to 5 rooms which you could stroll through and discover….

  2. I absolutely agree and said the same thing to Stef in Brest. It was somewhat better last year (I guess the room was larger but also square instead of linear). I still only managed to see a third to a half of them before feeling tired and overwhelmed, though. The issue is, of course, that ESUG has little control over the rooms they are being offered.

    We discussed asking entrants to provide a short video or something in advance that would be posted online so people could get a glimpse of what they wanted to find out more about. The videos would then also be available as a demonstration of the cool things people are working on.

    I find the Innovation Awards really cool in theory, but in practice I’ve just found the process tiring.

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