Intermediate name change

I’ve been told several times in the past that my blog name was somewhat irritating, because it looked like an error message of the blog server 😉

I’m still searching for a good name to come up with but wanted to fix the issue fast. So this blog now is called Joachims Small World, and I have no idea for how long this will be so. The name has a typo in it, at least if you consider it to be an english title. Here in Germany, people totally get out of control of their apastrophes since English is adapted more and more into the language. Almost nobody seems to know how to form a correct genitive in German any more, and there are really terrific examples of horribly wrong word forms everywhere out there.

In German, the  genitive of Joachim is spelled without an apastrophe, it really is “Joachims kleine Welt” and not “Joachim’s kleine Welt” as it would be in English.

So the blog title for now is a little hommage to those who care about the tiny things and a little humorous twinkle towards tose who don’t get it right.

I guess I’ve given up on posting in German over time, although my first post said I want to post in German for German Smalltalk users and people interested in Smalltalk. So the spelling is probably most of what’s left of my intentions. Let’s call it a nostalgic and humorous twinkle for myself as well 😉


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