ESUG09: Personal Anecdotes – 1

My trip to Brest last monday went smoothly. Both flights were on time and nothing went wrong. Except for a little thing: At check-in the guy at the desk realised he can’t let me go on board since my id card has expired quite exactly two years ago. They’d accept one year of tolerance, but two is too much.

I was sent to the Bundespolizei counter at the airport in Stuttgart accompanied by the word: “But I don’t think there is somebody there”. Of course I hadn’t planned for such stupid stuff and since it was really early on monday morning and it was a domestic flight, I had arrived at the airportjust about 40 minutes before boarding.

I was completely sure that I would not see Brest the same day, but I tried running over to the other terminal and going to the empty Bundespolizei counter. Fortunately, it wasn’t as empty as I thought, and it had a doorbell mounted on the counter, and there even was somebody there.

But, hey, we’re in Germany and there sure is some weird bureaucracy ahead and I was sure not to catch the flight, no matter if there was somebody or not.


Within 5 minutes I had a temporary passport in my hands which cost me 8 euros and has nothing more than a “Bundesrepublik Deuitschland” Seal on it,  an expiration date, my name and Address. It’s only valid for this trip and only together with my expired passport.

I still try to figure out what this thing is really good for other than reminding me of another todo I was just waiting for, but I also am glad this was possible. Just imagine what nice words I would shout at myself if I had missed ESUG only because I never check my passport.

To be honest, I wasn’t even aware of an expiry of passports…

So monday had started a little turbulent, but luckily not related to the flight.


2 thoughts on “ESUG09: Personal Anecdotes – 1

  1. Hey,

    So we were lucky to meet you in Brest after all… 🙂
    And then I wouldn’t have been able to shoot such nice pictures of you.

    I hope you will be able to get a valid passport for next year Barcelona. Unless you go by car, but I doubt that. One thing is for sure, getting to Barcelona is a hell lot easier than getting to Brest.

    Cheers, Yuri.

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