Pharo is really its own thing

The Pharo guys seem to mean it: they do their own thing, not looking back too much. I’m not in a position to judge whether this is good news or bad news for the Squeak world in particular and/or the Smalltalk world in general.

I like Pharo for it’s nicer look and the nice things they’ve put together. And I think there is a lot of backing and followers around Pharo to make it important. Many of the tools we’re seeing here in Brest are primarily based on Pharo.

But I also like the fact that Squeak has been attracting many new Smalltalkers. We’ll probably just have to see what happens. Will Squeak projects be ported to Pharo (think of Magma or other stuff like Croquet)? Will these projects like the fact that the Pharo team doesn’t look back and may even drop compatibility with Squeak?

Only time will tell…


3 thoughts on “Pharo is really its own thing

  1. Peter,

    I haven’t seen it from that perspective, but I must admit I agree to your arguments. I am somewhat afraid some of the people who have been “fighting” to get Squeak forward and get the ball back into rolling may be frustrated and walk away to do something else. But then they could possibly also join the Pharo tribe.

    I also agree that Squeak has its issues (I should start a career as a politician…), such as nobody fixing the ifNotNil: / ifNotNilDo: strangeness and other bugs that haven’t been taken care of in years, as well as the fact that there seems to be a lot going on and nothing gets integrated or finished. But that’s not an area in which Squeak differs much from other OSS ventures…

    We probably don’t have much more options than to see what time will tell…

  2. I think it’s a fantastic thing for a number of reasons.

    (1) It will keep the squeak guys on their toes. Competition is good.

    (2) The focus is different. Serious uses verses a play thing that squeak is. Squeak has always been difficult to get serious application changes into since it’s dedicated to it’s experimental nature which is fine for squeak but not fine for those of us who support more practical serious uses where presentation matters.

    (3) Squeak is a huge mess. Time to toss out the kitchen with the sink.

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