My very first open source contribution…

… is not my work at all.

I needed a regular expression matcher for VA Smalltalk for a project and thought it might be a good idea to use Vassily Bykov’s VBRegex Package. I just “ported” it today. In fact, the hardest part was downloading Adriaan’s PackageInfo-Exporter and installing it to a Squeak Image as well as downloading the VASTGoodies tools.

Everything went smoothly, there were a few methods missing in VAST that needed to be added or replaced by alternatives. I had to move classes around, rename and delete some applications because the PackageInfo-Exporter created Applications with SubApplications, but I decided to have Applications only and not use the *App-Suffix, because the original Packages in Squeak and VW also don’t have it. All the tests run green.

So there you are: VBRegex 1.1 is on


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