ESUG09: Seaside Tutorial

It was announced as being somewhat advanced. And it was in many ways 😉

But I’ve learned a lot about jQuery in Seaside which I had thought are complicated. Well, they still are (I think), but once you understand a few basic concepts, it’s easier. We’ve been gallopping through some examples and rushed through the explanations. Lots to learn, even more to play with in the future…

Some interesting notes from the talk:

  • The new online book is now officially available and will
  • The upcoming version has been re-labelled to 3.0, because Lukas and Julian think the new version is different from 2.8 enough to justify a new version number (I do agree)
  • Seaside is now developped on Pharo, not on Squeak. The team will not support Squeak as a primary platform any more.The primary platform is Pharo, and if someone is willing to maintain a Squeak port, they’re happyto have them on board
  • Version 3.0 Beta1 will hopefully be released pretty soon, since the goal ofthe Seaside Sprint on Friday and Saturday is to fix a number of bugs and build a beta.
  • Seaside is really cool and fun (well, they didn’t really tell us, I found this one out myself, even before this session ;-))

The tutorial also was a good overview of new features or major changes in 3.0.


3 thoughts on “ESUG09: Seaside Tutorial

  1. Torsten,

    thanx for pointing these out. I hope my coding is better than my blogging 😉 I updated the text of the post to make at least some sense…

  2. Funny:
    “Seaside is now developped on Pharo, not on Seaside.”
    “The team will not support Seaside as a primary platform any more.”.

    I think you meant Squeak.

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