ESUG09: Glamour

The guys put quite some thought in how we Smalltalk developers navigate our object world and interact with the objects in the image. There’s navigation and editing of course, and there are some useful browsers out of the box. But it’s not really easy to build some specific tools.

One problem is that Browsers mix the rendering code and the navigation / editing. So there’s no easy way of adding tools.

Tudor builds a Metacello browser in Glamour within a few minutes, with very little and easily readable code. Cool stuff. [update: extremely cool stuff ;-)].

Glamour makes it easy to build a specialized browser that may not last long, but can be very helpful for a specific task. The idea is to introduce some kind of DSL for Smalltalk Browsers. More info on the Glamour website .

You can embed browsers in others, and browsers are not restricted to Smalltalk source code, you can browse anything, the metamodel for what is being browsed has to be provided by the DSL. Sounds hard, looks extremely easy, seems to work great 😉

I wonder how hard it would be to port this to Framework to VA Smalltalk. It would sure help with playing with some of the ideas I posted on a few weeks ago


2 thoughts on “ESUG09: Glamour

  1. Louis,

    I know, I know.
    As we’ve discussed off-line today, I guess the main part would be to hook the framework onto the (interesting) innards of Envy. Tudor said it’s ANSI-Smalltalk, so the port of the core functionality of Glamour is probably not hard to do.

  2. [I wonder how hard it would be to port this to Framework to VA Smalltalk.]

    Well Joachim, there’s one easy way to find out 😉

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