VAST 8 / Seaside Tips: Handling and Trapping Exceptions

In my last Seaside-raleted post “VAST 8/Seaside Tips: Error handling configuration“, I wrote about the Trap and Forward Exceptions features in SST:

I know one of these two usually is enough, but I constantly forget and therefore ignore which one it is.

John O’Keefe from Instantiation was so kind to send me a mail giving an excellent short description of these two:

FYI, Trap Exceptions controls the handling of SST exceptions (ExSst…) while Forward Exceptions controls the handling of system exceptions (Error, etc.).

Thanks, John, for the clarification. This will help me in remembering. So it seems “Foward Exceptions” is the one to deactivate in order to get Seaside’s error filter pages instead of a “500 internal server error” page from SST, when we encounter an error in Seaside components.