Update: SVN on our IcyBox NAS 4220

Some moons ago I was looking for options to install SVN on our IcyBox. In fact after some searching I found a compiled binary .

I installed it and am we’re able to check in and out, but one thing I didn’t have/take the time to is to make it start on boot of the NAS. We do switch it off daily, because we suffer from a spindown problem that’s not really solved yet (The drives start up after a certain amount of time even if no client wants to access the shares), so this means we have to connect to the NAS via ssh and start svn manually if we need to access a repo.

I have found some descriptions on how to start processes at boot time in the NAS and I remember it looked like a bit of editing some files here and there and nothing really rocket science-like, but I still don’t have enough pressure to simply do it.

So to make it short: we do run SVN on the box, but we didn’t daemonize it yet. Maybe some time in autumn when the days are getting shorter 😉


2 thoughts on “Update: SVN on our IcyBox NAS 4220

  1. Moin Joachim,
    der Link zum “compiled binary” ist wohl leider nicht ganz richtig 😦

    Kannst du mir sagen, wo du das gefunden hast.

    Danke dir,

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