Back to the Seaside

I’ve been using Seaside quite a lot in the past. In fact we’ve been building an accounting and crm system for small businesses in VisualWorks and Seaside 2.6 and 2.7. It almost went indo production as a SaaS solution, but the company behind it fell apart for some reasons and the system fell into some desk drawer and is in some legally undefined state. That’s really a pity, but *censored* happens…

Then I had a long pause from Seaside, doing more or less interesting  maintenance work and other stuff like teaching Smalltalk and programming in Java/Eclipse. Which was also fun and educating.

But there seems to be a bright side to life and I am about to start working on a Seaside-based Smalltalk system in VA Smalltalk and Seaside version 2.9 alpha 3. As far as I can tell right now, there are quite a few problems in VAST’s version of Seaside right now, both in Seaside and in VAST. But both teams are working in the problems and since we’re just about to start coding tehse days, I hope we’ll get overtaken by more stable alpha versions of Seaside, or even better a beta version, and of course another build of VAST 8.

I’ll post about my findings /problems or solutions from time to time. But first of all, I look forward to renderContentOn:

Firebug is waiting for prey 😉


3 thoughts on “Back to the Seaside

  1. yeah, but it seems to not work (yet?)
    It only finds the first occurence of some search text, and sometimes simply doesn’t find what I’m looking for.

    Just try searching href= and you’ll see what I mean. I am on FF 3.5 (jit content disabled) and Firebug 1.4.0b7…

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