My trip to Brest – flight is booked

Sometimes things are much better than you think – you just have to search long enough.

I finally found a flight to and from Brest that’s almost perfect. I’m leaving Stuttgart on Monday morning 6:40 and will fly to Brest via Lyon in just 3:25 hours. This means I’ll miss monday morning sessions, but I’ll have to live with that 😉

This flight hasn’t shown up on any of the travel sites like,, or I found it on And the best thing is: the complete flight with return flight on friday evening is cheaper than all the flights I could find on the above-mentioned sites. I’m travelling for no more than 195 Euros. How’s that 😉

Same for the return flight. Most sites only came up with flights that will take at least 6 hours, and most of the friday afternoon flights require you to either travel from Paris-Orly to Paris CDG, and most of them will not be in Stuttgart before Saturday morning.

I am leaving Brest now at friday afternoon 17:50 and will be in Stuttgart at 21:15, this flight also takes my to Lyon, where I can simply stay at the same Terminal instead of making a sightseeing tour of the city 😉

I am happy with this result.

So what have I learned about travel planning sites? They’re good and nice for planning a trip, but it’s always good to search somewhere else as well…