I’ll be at ESUG 2009

Thanks to our partners Instantiations who asked me to join John O’Keefe and Nick Gilman to visit ESUG in Brest in August, I don’t have an excuse any more for not going to the conference this year. This means that I’ll be there for the first time in a long row of years in which I always decided not to go and regretted it afterwards.

So if you happen to be there at ESUG and would like to discuss some VAST related topics with either John, Nick or myself, we’ll be happy to talk to you.

See you in Brest!

I look forward to listening to some of the really interesting talks this year. I’m sorry to read that Giles will not be able to come and explain our image problem to us ;-). All the best for him.

I also look forward to meeting some people I’ve met at last year’s VA Smalltalk Forum Europe in Frankfurt and am eager to hear about their progress with VAST and Seaside.

And, even if travelling to Brest from Stuttgart seems like travelling to locations like the marshall islands or new zealand, I lok forward to seeing Brest.