Subversion on the ICY Box 4220 NAS [Update]

We use an ICY Box IB-NAS4220-B from Raidsonic at our office.

Its a nice NAS (Network Attaced Storage) device with two SATA drives in it, which we configured as RAID 1 (mirroring). We’re using it for more than a year now and it proves to be a nice and stable device. It is small, very low noise, low power consumption and – so far – reliable. It’s job is somewhere between a file server and a backup medium, and we’ve setup some synchronisation to some of our office machines (using Chronosync), so that no data is lost if we have some crash.

It is in fact a little Linux machine, which has several advantages:

  • you can install software on it (at least theoretically, the job of a NAS is to be rock stable, so you should know what you do)
  • you can access it like any other linux machine (using ssh, sftp)
  • it uses standard software like Samba Shares
  • it uses the ext3 filesystem
  • and it is a Soft RAID, meaning it’s possible to open the box, take one or both of the disks out of it use a linux PC to read the data, just in case the device is broken

Now we’ve come to a point where we’d like to install subversion on this device, which should be easy. Unfortunately, I’m not really keen on spending days to figure out how to cross-compile svn sources for the arm architecture and bundle it so that it can be installed on the device easily.

I’ve seen some info on how to install svn on the NAS  on alternative Firmware/Operating systems using the package mechanism of this alternative linux distro. But that’s not what I really am looking for. I get enough thrill from updating the firmware of devices (I use a dreambox at home and try to get along without too much hassle there), and have no need for more with alternative firmware.

Searching the web I found a blog post that looks promising:

“I have installed some of them and set myself on quest to install subversion. This is what I have been doing all nights for last couple of days. I have managed to installed old version, but I was not able to compile the latest one yet.”

The best part of the post is:

“Watch this space I will post my package here.”

I hope you’ll succeed and get this ready soo. I’ll be beta-testing it 😉

[Update] I found another blog post where someone has successfully created a package for the ICY Box. It seems like this one is exactly what I am looking for (apart from the fact that it’s SVN 1.5.3 and not the latest 1.6)

Maybe I should just give it a try…  I’ll keep you updated on how things work.


2 thoughts on “Subversion on the ICY Box 4220 NAS [Update]

  1. I haven’t tried it, but my ICYBOX Nas 4220 runs ssh, so you should in theory be able to use scp to transfer to it (ie over ssh via port 22) and the connection would be encrypted. You could probably enable it to use certificate logon only, but user/pass should surfice unless it’s Top Secret information on there.

  2. Hi Joachim,

    We recently got an IcyBox 4220 too and as an intra-office NAS it works brilliantly. I’ve now been looking at accessing it from outside the office, opening up a special port for it to allow FTP traffic. It works but I’m nervous about security. The NAS contains a lot of sensitive information and as with FTP the credentials are sent over the wire unencrypted, in theory it should be easy for anyone to sniff packets and obtain this info.

    So I’m thinking of SFTP and found your blog that way. I’m not the greatest linux sysadmin so I was hoping for a few pointers but can’t find a lot of info. I’m guessing SFTP isn’t there as standard. I can see on RaidSonic a ‘sample’ package for SSH. Could you please briefly outline how it works to ‘upgrade’ the 4220 to enable SFTP and then ensure regular FTP isn’t accepting logins anymore? I guess I need to install a self-cert SSL certificate as well?

    Any tips would be much appreciated, thanks.

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