Seaside gets more & more attention

Avi Bryant gave a Sesaide tutorial at CUSEC two weeks ago, and it seems he could impress a few people with how simple and clean web application code can look if you use continuations and the power and magic behind call: and answer: in seaside.
Loren Segal was one of the people Avi spoke to. He seems to be quite impressed by Seaside:

It’s a complete mind-blowing experience on its own level; a revolutionary way to look at web application development

The revolution is in the idea that the statelessness of HTTP need not be transitive. It’s the idea that you shouldn’t have to reconstruct bits and pieces of many web requests and figure out what your user just did. In short, it brings back the workflow based semantics that make desktop app development so much more intuitive by comparison. In shorter: it’s the future.

The whole post is worth reading, so go read the full thing. Segal finishes his post with:

Moral of the story: you should learn continuations because they will blow your mind.

Nothing to add here 😉