VA Smalltalk & Seaside: first open source project

One of the things I was absolutely sure about was that if Instantiations comes up with Seaside Support in VA Smalltalk, there will be some providers of open source add-ons pretty soon. I didn’t expect it to happen so fast, but, hey, it’s good to “have always known” 😉

Adriaan just announced a port of a jQuery adapter for Seaside under VA Smalltalk. They’ve used the V8 beta 1, which is only out for a few days now. jQuery is kind of a replacement for Prototype which is getting quite some interest in the AJAX world.

VA Smalltalk 8.0 beta 1 does include the Sciptaculous libraries, but not yet a newer library named JQuery. We had some spare time at the end of the tutorial and we were discussing porting JQuery ourselves. We just gave it a shot and got all the tests green rather easily.

Visit Adriaan’s post for more information and a download link.

Let’s see what else we’ll see, and how long it takes for Seaside-SVG or Magritte/Pier to be ported over to VA Smalltalk…

It’s really Good to see two things:

  • VAST Users adopting Seaside
  • Open Source contribution for VAST popping up

2 thoughts on “VA Smalltalk & Seaside: first open source project

  1. Instantiations does indeed grant free licences to open source programmers, you need to contact them and introduce your project.

    There is also the posibility to use an evaluation licence of VA Smalltalk, which, although stated differently on the website, does not expire. It is not a non-commercial license though, its purpose is evaluation. You can download it from instantiations’ website.

    So while there’s no downloadable non-commercial license, you can get free licences for use in an open source project.

  2. It is my opinion that one thing that could help increase the number of open source contributions for VAST if Instantiations offer a non-commercial version of VAST like Cincom does with their VisualWorks product. I am not sure if that is feasible for Instantiations to do so…

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