VA Smalltalk V8 public Beta available

John O’Keefe just announced the availability of VA Smalltalk Version 8 first public beta:

The V8 Beta contains the following new features as well as many fixes:

When VA Assist is active, the class, class hierarchy and application browsers use tab controls for viewing of public and private method lists and to switch between class definition, method definition, comments and notes. These browsers also have the new theme-aware toolbar buttons on Windows; these toolbar buttons will be propagated to all the VA Assist browsers, inspectors, and workspace windows.

VA Smalltalk on-line documentation now has improved formatting, search, and navigation capabilities. It is available on the Instantiations website and is installable locally.

This web application framework is based on the OpenSource Seaside version 2.9 alpha 1 release which focuses on flexibility, portability and understandability. It is implemented using underlying capabilities of the Server Smalltalk (SST) framework. Base Seaside and Scriptaculous AJAX support are provided.

Visit the announcement for download and installation instructions.