VA Smalltalk Forum 2008: the retrospect (1)

It’s been a very busy time to organize the Forum and to prepare the presentations, and I am glad it’s over. But after all, it went very well and I think we had a great time at Frankfurt. There were some bloggers and photographers present, so I hope I can publish a few links to sources of independent information about the Forum.

I will be posting a few details over the next few days, including pictures. But there’s still a lot to do. I need to catch up on a few private and professional things…

I’ll start with a few facts for everybody who missed it:

* We had about 35 registrations and only a very few people couldn’t attend. So I guess we had around 30-32 attendees

* We had people from Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Great Britain  and even somebody from New Zealand

The day was full of information and I had much fun giving my presentations and talking to many of the folks who were there. Unfortunately, there also were a few I didn’t have the chance to chat with.

The talks went pretty well and even my demo code ran quite nicely, That was even more surprising in the light of the fact that my final check in the morning brought up a few debuggers. Somebody in the audience realized that the latest open method editions had a timestamp of 6:37 that morning 😉 It’s an exciting experioence to switch on a laptop a few hours before a talk and to find out that code you were 100% sure it will run comes up with a debugger, I can recommend that to people searching for the next kick 😉

Even my seaside presentation ran nicely, even though I just had found a very mysterious bug deep down in Seaside that John is still hunting for (at least he was yesterday afternoon). Funny enough the bug pops up in debugger, but you can continue to work in the same session in most cases. I hope John can find the bug and I decided to try and hunt it as well.

I skimmed through the feedback forms from the attendees and am happy to see that the vast majority of people gave us very positive feedback on the talks and the venue.

Although the event was a great success, I was shocked by the fact that my  audio recorder seems to have had problems with the SD Card it saved its recordings on: the files are only a few megs  and all are cut off a few minutes after the start of the recording. I was hoping to be able to put up the audio of the talks for download, but that’s not going to happen now. Sorry for that! At least, this way nobody will have to listen to my poor stumbled stuttered english, and maybe the recorder did a great service to mankind 😉

I want to thank everybody who came and made it the success I think it was.

[Update:] The bug we’re hunting for is very likely  NOT in Seaside, but either in the Squeak porting layer or even in VA ST’s SST code. I just felt I need to clarify this.


2 thoughts on “VA Smalltalk Forum 2008: the retrospect (1)

  1. James,

    hmm. I bought me an H2, because I know you use one and like the sound quality of most of your recotrdings (at least if people stay close to the mic).
    I tried it before the event, but obviously not a long enough recording…

    What Memory card and size are you using? I used a 4 gig SanDisk, and I must say I even have problems mounting it ion my mac, which surely is an indication of problems (I never tried that before).


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